Welcome to the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center (CCRC) at the University of Georgia.

The CCRC occupies an ~140,000 sq.ft. building specifically designed for the interdisciplinary and equipment-intensive nature of carbohydrate science. The Center is organized to optimize cooperation and collaboration among disciplines (biomedical glycoscience, plant and microbial glycoscience, synthetic and analytical chemistry), and to provide analytical services and training, both within the CCRC and to university, government, and industrial laboratories world-wide. Our faculty have research programs that span multiple research domains, which provides our students with a breadth of opportunities in their professional training and research.


Cross Section of a Researcher: Dr. Breeanna Urbanowicz

Dr. Urbanowicz is featured the in UGA Office of Research Web Newsletter this month.

Read the full article here: @UGAResearch_Breeanna_Urbanowicz



Lance Wells and Linda Zhao receive a nod from GlycoNet for their US/Canadian collaboration with Chantelle Capicciotti and Matthew Macauley on Siglec binding. See canadianglycomics.ca for the full article.

Upcoming Seminars

May 26"Developmental roadmap to generate human cell-types from pluripotent stem cells”11:00amKyle LohCCRC Auditorium
May 31"Biochemical mechanisms of selective modulators: potential therapeutic strategies for inflammatory disorders and metabolic syndrome"12:30pmXu LiuCCRC Auditorium
June 13"Ultra-sensitive platelet proteome maps the O-glycosylation landscape and identifies a new form of domain-specific O-fucosylation"12:30pmMark LaranceCCRC Auditorium